AR filter for Zee Super Queen (Reality Show)

Alongside Zee entertainment, We created this AR Filter for their “SUPER QUEEN” reality show campaign.

As Zee Entertainment launched their “Super Queen” reality show they wanted to spread the word on social media particularly to drive awareness to the women audience and let their women users participate in super queen shows virtually through this AR Filter. 

The main challenge is that only 25% of their page followers were women. 

Solution : 

We have closely worked with the Super queen show’s creative team and captured essential experiences from the show and created a queen themed “Which queen are you?” type super queen AR filter experience. 

For this filter,We have created 2D/3D assets of crowns, and sets of the super queen show from scratch to recreate the Super queen participation experience. 

Instead of promoting just video promos of the show, letting girls/womens participate in the show virtually through interactive AR filters increased participation among women users. 

Video content generated by women users alone generated 650k views 

Results : 

  1. 2.9X times higher participation rate among women users (Compared to make up of people who like Zee Tamizh's Instagram & FB page). User Generated Video content alone generated 650k+ views 

  2. 10X higher engagement rate compared to their traditional video campaigns.


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